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  1. Malagor says:
    Definition of shoot down. transitive verb. 1: to cause to fall by shooting shot down the helicopter especially: to kill in this way was shot down in cold blood. 2: to put an end to: defeat, reject shoot down legislation. 3: deflate, ridicule. 4: discredit sense 2 shoot down .
  2. Grozuru says:
    shoot something down. Fig. to foil a plan through criticism; to counter an idea with criticism. (Based on shoot someone, something, or an animal down.) He raised a good point, but the others shot him down almost immediately. Liz shot down Jeff's best idea. See also: down, shoot.
  3. Goltisho says:
    shoot down 1. To bring down (an aircraft, for example) by hitting and damaging with gunfire or a missile. 2.
  4. JoJojas says:
    To reject, foil, or disappoint the aspirations of someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "shoot" and "down." I asked John out for a date, but he shot me down. The committee shot down our plans for a new apartment block.
  5. Tell says:
    1 to make (someone or something) the object of unkind laughter nowadays the aging activist is routinely shot down in most quarters of the media and dismissed as an irrelevant crank Synonyms for shoot down.
  6. Malashakar says:
    SEE DEFINITION OF shoot down. as in assault. as in obliterate. as in oppugn. as in attack. as in refute. as in reject. as in repeal. as in shame.
  7. Golmaran says:
    Sep 06,  · The shoot-down took place at the White Sands missile range in New Mexico on Wednesday. An MA6 Paladin tracked howitzer fired a millimeter-diameter hypervelocity shell at an incoming BQM
  8. Tut says:
    Define shot down. shot down synonyms, shot down pronunciation, shot down translation, English dictionary definition of shot down. to hit with a missile discharged from a weapon; to project, impel, hurl, cast, or throw Not to be confused with: chute – an inclined tube, trough, or shaft Shot down - definition of shot down by The Free Dictionary.

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